Book wrap up n°2

New book update! We hope you’ve had some great and cozy holidays, with lots of good food and parties! As this is the most cozy time of the year it’s also a good time to share with you some books i’ve been reading.


So the first book is The Goldfinch written by one of my all time favourite authors Donna Tartt. Sadly enough I didn’t find it as good as her first novel The Secret History. A Donna Tartt book isn’t a book you’ll want to pick up if you want a quick and easy read, as much as I liked the book it took me weeks to finish it. The storyline is so good though, while reading you can feel how much work Donna Tartt has put into the story and how much research she made to make up a story that is so satisfying. I am not able to say what kind of genre this book is; it’s a little bit of crime but also the lifestory of a sad New York kid who becomes a sad New York man. There is some art theft involved, a lot of drinking, prescription drugs and bad decisions. Also I didn’t like the ending, not that it was a bad written ending but it just wasn’t how I wanted the book to end. You know it’s a good book when you have to grief a little bit after.



Second book would be Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I believe the play would be amazing to see and to be emerged in the Harry Potter world but reading the play is shit. The characters are shit (except for Draco’s son who’s the best), the story is shit, and basically everything is shit. If you want to read some bad written fan fiction this is the book you need.



Another bad book on the list would be Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol. I didn’t have high hopes for it but a few summers ago I read Dan Brown’s Inferno on vacation in Italy, and it was a perfect beachside book, quick, easy and thrilling. The Lost Symbol was quick and easy but also kinda boring and not that very interesting.


Next Book is The Utopia Experiment written by Dylan Evans, the book is non-fiction but the story is so incredible and funny and unbelievable it reads like fiction. Dylan Evans is a British academic that decided to have this experiment in which everyone had to pretend they were living in a post apocalyptic setting, the experiment actually went through but Evans ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Everything did end well for Evans in the end but that’s not really the point of the book. I would without doubt recommend this book to everyone. It is one of the better books I’ve read this year.


Next two books I haven’t actually read but listened to in the car while roadtripping through Italy and Croatia. First one is Ready player one by Ernest Cline, which I enjoyed so much and can’t wait until the movie comes out. I’m not going to go in detail about the audiobooks because I feel like I can’t give a good opinion about it when I haven’t actually read the book because when listening to an audiobook I find myself drifting away sometimes or have my opinions influenced by how the narrator tells the story.

The circle by Dave Eggers, I always thought Dave Eggers was supposed to be a good author, Gilmore girl Rory had a poster of him in her dorm. His book A Heartbreaking work of staggering genius is obnoxious in some ways but not that bad. But what was this? The book was so obvious, everything was so obviously wrong and evil and I couldn’t handle the level of naivity of Mae. And don’t get me started about the narrator of the audiobook, there is so much frustration here.


So let’s end this on a good note, I had a little Taschen haul because, you know, why not? I bought the What Paintings say and Alchemy and Mysticism from the Bibliotheca Universalis series. I also got myself a copy of the big awesome book of symbols. They are everything you want them to be.




And Also i’m writing my bachelor paper about how contemporary art museums are great learning environments for children and why we should use them more often as educational tool. Because of that I have been reading a lot of museum related stuff.




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