Introduction: Emilio Villalba

I love love love Emilio Villalba, his artworks are so admiring to watch! I mean I would love to see his work in real life, if one day he exhibit his work here in Belgium I would be so happy. Anyway, his work are so mesmerizing and intruding. The best part is when the portrait is looking straight to the viewer, but it’s all blurry or double eyed and that’s what makes it so alluring. Mostly the portraits are shiny, like they are made by porcelain or something.


I do not know why, but it’s fun to watch. They’re so interesting, it may be weird or disorientated and that’s what makes these pieces so strange. These painting has a cold touch, with that I mean he uses cold colors and mix it up with skin colors ofcourse. He also variates the use of colors and makes different scenes or compositions with it.










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