Rest Captured in Photography

I once found a box full of old pictures from the 90s and the 2000. The ambiance, the composition, the little mistakes in those pictures were very special. The thing with those pictures was that each of them shared charisma, a dream or at least a hope. A longing that emanates for rest, the joy that my father have by taking these pictures is something only a passionate person would feel. (In advance, my apologies for the poor qualities)



My father (Ali Karasu), a talented young man that later becomes a father of four children. Well, I guess we all took our “talents” from our parents. After all my mother had an artistic part too, designing costumes, writing poems and stories. My mother and father met each other in Turkey, one look and they fell in love. After the years past, which includes marriage and children, my father took his time to take pictures in his free time.



When we were younger, we went to Turkey for two month every summer holidays (me, the two brothers, the sister and the parents). Those days kinda ended when everybody is busy working and dealing with their own responsibilities. Sometimes I do miss those days, but this summer we’ll again come back together. Therefore, my father always took pictures on the top of hills, mountains or just in our local store.







My father had an interesting eye in composition or the ambient light. His pictures are in some way meaningful, thoughtful and relaxing. It gives you the urge for curiosity of ‘where is this place?’ or ‘what was he thinking in that moment?’. My father has a quiet personality and so do he reflects on his pictures.





I love you mom and dad. It’s like I am the broken flower that needs it’s warmth from the sun and it’s support from a pure water.




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