Quick post to tell you about the ‘Kotroute’ that I visited in Brussels last thursday.

So what is the Kotroute? The kotroute are students that open their ‘kot’ or room, apartment, whatever to other young artists to show off their artwork. The event takes place here in Brussels and in Ghent. What I really appreciated is that you’ll see a lot of different things in different environments. You’ll see performance art, photography, painting or music and much more.

I’m late with the blogpost (we try to upload one every sunday) and I know it’s not the most intricate one but I have been so busy with school. I am writing my bachelor paper which honestly has been a lot of fun because i’m so happy with the subect but at the same time it is really tiring and takes a ridiculous amount of time.

So here are some pictures to give you an idea what it is all about

Nathan Ooms’ performance
Alexandra Bertels
Paintings by Raven Lamoot
part of Nadia Randriamorasata’s installation 
blurry still of Mieke Briers shortfilm


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