Trailer Review : Ghost In The Shell

I love a lot of artworks, no matter what, but I might be a big fan of certain Japanese animations. My one all favorite is ‘Ghost In The Shell’ (I might have an obsession with it haha) and after that comes Tatsuyuki Tanaka, Tezuka Osamu, Katsuhiro, Miyazaki Mayao, etc.
Ghost In The Shell – 1995

All I want to write now is about Ghost In The Shell’s newest trailer. I kinda was disappointed when I read that there’s going to be a live action adaptation of Ghost In The Shell, I was like “Oh there it goes again, my all favorite series escalating into the depths of Hollywood”. I mean there was this part in me that was crying so loud that all of the fan base of Ghost In The Shell heard me, don’t take it literally, I had this huge doubts that this live action movie is going to be full with clichés and sure was I right. Well kind of, today I saw the trailer of the live action adaptation of Ghost In the Shell  and some might liked it, but me nah. Click here to view the trailer.

Scene from the new trailer ‘Ghost In The Shell’

If we look to the visuals, it’s damn good and amazingly well done, but I have a feeling they fucked up the script and that makes me kinda irritated. First of all I want to talk about the main character, Motoko Kusanagi / The Major acted by Scarlett Johansson. We all know that Johansson is a damn good actress and did a pretty good job in some films. For example I loved her in Lost In Translation and especially in Under The Skin.


Scene from the movie ‘Under The Skin’

To be honest I have lost my temper the first time when I heard the main character is going to be Johannson, because I was blinded by the peoples comments about white washing the cast. So I totally ignored that and I started to search more about it. So I have come to conclusion that most of the characters in animes are western personifications. Some of them have Japanese features, but some of them not at all and some have even African characters. So no, I am not mad at the selection of the cast. The only thing that Johansson did “wrong” for me is her way of speaking and moving in the new trailer. She shows too much emotions for a cyborg, she doesn’t portrays Motoko for me, she portrays more a human, she portrays herself.

Ghost In The Shell – 1995
Ghost In The Shell – 1995

Hollywood made a huge mistake by making this masterpiece into something so unattached from the real anime and its meaning. Ghost In The Shell might be the so far close prediction of our future, it’s not literality a prediction, but it’s  close to a theory of our future and our understanding (or not) of our consciousness. The conversations or the lines that were spoken in the trailer were typical sentences for me, ‘do you trust me…what are you?Next time design me better…’ etc. But hey, these are just fragments of the whole movie. So maybe there comes more than that, maybe and hopefully they’ll show or aren’t afraid of showing the real meaning within the anime to the audience. Don’t forget that in the anime’s society scientist reformulate the soul or the ghost as something that variates a human being from a biological robot. Whilst how much of the original body parts are replaced with mechanical substitutes, the better they retain their ghost, the better their humanity and individuality is retained. These are long philosophical conversations in Ghost In The Shell (1995) and Innocence. It’s not just one or two sentences, these are long vast sentences and  most of the conversations are based from the essay structuralism by Masamune Shirow, the borrowed concept comes from the book The Ghost In The Machine by Arthur Kostler.

I have full awareness that this is only a trailer and maybe in the movie itself there will be a lot to come. The only thing I have in mind is hope, I hope that this would be a masterpiece as the original one and not just a bunch of clichés. I hope they’ll keep the deeper meaning of what is to be human or the philosophical aspects that the anime has thought or showed us. It made you think, it didn’t just made you watch.

Please feel free to comment and let me know about your point of view!



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