Bozar Electronic Arts Festival

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve last posted something here! We got so caught up with school starting and all that, that we barely had time for all the fun stuff. As you might know Bozar Electronic Arts Festival was happening the 22th-24th september, almost a month ago (we know, we know,…). Even if we are late we thought that if you were not there you might enjoy seeing what it is all about and we really hope to see you there next year!

Bozar Electronics Arts Festival is such an interesting event. We went to the Press conference of the Festival and we were introduced to the technology that was used on the artworks, Like algorithm art, that reminded me of my old blogpost about Algorithm Art that you can read here. It was science and art all together with a perfect light ambiances and with good electronic music. The festival is a perfect mix between art and music. It was also interesting to walk around and enjoy the artworks of Start Prize’16; Ars Electronics (“ Ars Electronica issued an open call for entries to a competition that will determine the first recipients of STARTS. Expressly encouraged were innovative projects at the interface of science, technology and art.” Starts Prize)

Ofcourse it was not all about the visual arts but also the live music on Friday and Saturday, each year Bozar has amazing artists playing at the event. So wether you’re an art lover, music lover or both, you should definitly check it out next year.

Here are some artworks exhibited at the event, make sure to go check out the different artists.



Elias Heuninck – Lightkeeping
Félix Luque Sanchez & Damien Gernay – Bois Mort

There was one artwork that both of us fell in love with. White Circle  is an installation made by the German Raster -Noton label.  The installation was a mix of light and bass like sounds, almost like minimal electronic music. The mastering of those sounds were extraordinary and the lighting effect was a feast for your eyes. Now we were so busy making instagram stories about this one we totaly forgot to take a descent picture. Here’s a link to an Artnet article about the same installation in the notorious Berghain.

It was a great night, a good night out with old friends and new people. We recommend you to visit Bozar for every event, because they make their best out of it and nothing is better than listening to good music and discover new art!




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