Book wrap up n°1

I’d like to share with you the books i’ve been reading. Because, you know, you can never read to much. I’d like to make this a every two monthly thing, or monthly maybe if i get enough reading done. You’ll be reading this blog post somewhere in september, but i’m actually writing this in August, so I will be talking about the books i read in june and july.

i read two novels, two graphic novels and a poetry book. now in the beginning of july i had already read all of these and went to a bookshop with Meltem, where i bought the play A midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare because it is my favourite play but i never read it. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (sorry not sorry, his books truly are the perfect easy reads on a holiday) and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which i started reading right away because Donna Tartt is bae. I cannot express how much i fell in love with her story telling skills after having read The Secret History for the first time, earlier this year. Ok, so all this to tell you I have been reading the Goldfinch for the past months and even if I honestly adore this book, i can’t seem to read it easily, it is most definitly a slow read.


Sorry for all the talking, let’s start with the books shall we.

First off I read The Road by Cormac McCarthy, a classic and pulitzer prize winner. I never saw the movie so all I knew was that it was about a father and a son, on the road in a post apocalyptic setting. What i just said is literally the whole story. I really liked it but it isn’t a fast paced book like a World War Z kinda book but if you like something dark, pretty sad, personal and poetic, it’s definitely for you.

Something I really enjoyed about the book is how it is written, conversations are not marked with “quotes”. Which makes it a little bit confusing at times, but in a  good, dreamy, what is real and what not kind of way.


Next book is The Gracekeepers, by Kirsty Logan, i actually already mentioned this book a while ago because the cover is so beautiful. I do judge a book by it’s cover and this one gets a 10 out of 10, the story get’s a 7.5, it is so beautiful and original but i wasn’t completely satisfied when i had read the book. I would definitely recommend it though!

It’s about a world that is all ocean and almost no land, a circus, a girl with her pet bear and a mermaid like creature. A beautiful adult fairy tale.


The First graphic novel I read was Through the Woods by Emily Carroll. A few scary short stories happening in or around woods. the illustrations are beautiful and the stories are haunting, with often an open ending that make the story even more spine chilling.


Next graphic novel is; The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg. This book people, this book. It is so funny and witty and beautiful and genius. It’s about the creation of an alternate world and the history of the early “settlements” of this world. I don’t wanna say to much about it because you should definitly get your hands on this one!


I also read Ariel, Sylvia Plath’s poetry book, i read The Bell Jar a while ago but honestly wasn’t taken away by it. Though it had me intrigued by Plath herself and the way she thinks and acts. I have to say i like her poems so much more than her novel. She makes her darkest thoughts sound pretty good, sometimes they’re beautiful and sometimes they’re written in an almost funny way. In the edition I read there was the dutch translation written on the next page which I have to say did help me sometimes, I don’t read a lot of poetry and sometimes find it hard to get what the author actually means. I found the translation pretty helpful at times.


(my cat is too cute)



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