Introducing: Erhan Aksu a.k.a Mathys Black

Dear readers, today I am pleased to introduce you a talent that I have known for a few years, a good friend that has listened to my annoying stories, an ambitious friend that encouraged me and a best friend that gave me the love. Therefor, I wish he will go on with his life on a successful path like his heart.

Erhan Aksu (his instagram page is full of wonders, be sure to check it!) lives in a metropolis city called Istanbul, a city full of life and surrounded with warm hearted people. He’s a photographer which he use analog camera and he also makes electronic music in the name of Mathys Black. Go check it out, he also has a facebook page. Show him some love!



How did you enter the photography world? When did you start to take photos?

The reason I started with photography was pure from boredom and also because the adoration or curiosity I have for antique devices. Also when I take a break from making music. I didn’t really produced stuff so I was quite bored with it, so one day I was following pages about analog photography on Facebook, the next few days I went out and bought myself an analog camera. So basically the start of photography was from that first film roll I bought. After that I bought my ‘Minolta’ camera I began to take brisk photo’s with it.







Where do you get your inspiration and are there people that inspire you or you adore?

The inspiration comes from the mind, it begins with a composition in my thoughts that I want to photographically produce. If I see that composition in my way or before my eyes, I’ll try to capture that moment. I don’t really have a role model to fill my inspiration on photography nor do I take inspiration from a famous photographer.








What do you use mostly, an analog or a digital camera?

I really never had a digital camera, also I didn’t needed, because for me photography is not a job or a work issue, it’s more a hobby, a device I can have fun with. I may be simple minded, but these days mobile photography has a really good quality. Just sayin.








Is there any messages or meanings on your pictures? Your pictures are mostly from Istanbul, did you ever had the desire to travel to another city?

I suppose every picture has its own meaning, but I don’t think that people in general sees the pictures from its own meaning. I live in Istanbul so mostly my pictures are taken in Istanbul and I think that every pictures shows the distressed city in its own nature. My goal isn’t always taking classic pictures, I like to change the colors of the pictures, put some layers or merge it and do some different experiments with it. I want that people, when they see my pictures and say “ah I know this place”, that they see that place in a more different way which brings the meaning of my pictures in another level, in my opinion. I don’t like to keep it the same way, I like to change my perspective and discover. I’d love to travel to another cities, but I’m a quite lazy person for that I guess.








Did you ever dreamed or thought about exhibit your photography work in a gallery?

Not really exhibit it in a gallery, but I would love to exhibit my work in a charity event and the money that comes in straight to the charity. I still have this thought, but it will take some time to achieve it.

Do you have another hobby than photography?

I also produce music a.k.a. Mathys Black. In Turkey’s terms it’s important to loosen up or I’ll feel like I am going crazy. Beyond this I am always in a journey of search for delicious food. I’ll always search or walk around to find a good place to eat delicious food.

Do you have any favorite pictures?

There are pictures that I am proud with, but they’re mostly the one that surprised me or took my attention by its creativity. I mean I question myself like “How did I took this picture?” or “Where did I took this picture?” or “what happened to this picture?” and I guess these are the one I like, the one I question a lot.












 Is it hard in Turkey to display or to promote your photography work? Are there rules to be cautious with?

Everybody in Turkey does their job and are good at it. Everybody is a little bit competitive, they’ll always argue who’s best or not. Fashion can influence our people, they’re afraid of being seen as someone weak or poor, in other terms. For example, analog camera was a fashion object in Turkey, so everybody would have one and put it around their neck and since than I’ve always put my camera in my bag. I’ll always tell people that I’m not a photographer. I’ll always say that I take pictures for hobby purposes, some will say they take pictures from digital camera while correcting on programs (like photoshop for example) and for me that doesn’t make you a photographer. In Turkey there are no boundaries or rules to be cautious with, but you can get in a fight for taking a picture of someone that has trust issues or you can’t take picture of history exhibitions. The places that’s isn’t forbidden to take pictures are mostly for example churches, but still there too when I want to take pictures from tombs or underground rooms from the church, they’ll always stop me by saying I need to have a letter from the owner to take pictures.







How do you see yourself in the future? Do you have an accomplishment to reach?

I don’t really have a goal anymore thanks to the drastic and dramatic events that happened in Turkey. I almost don’t remember the old achievements I wanted to reach. What I wanted to do? I can’t really ask that question to myself. Thanks to this reason I’ve seen myself as a dead talent because of the ideological society.

 Do you have any words for our readers?

Don’t prison your beautiful moments on your mobile phones, live and feel that moment. Because you’ll never reach out to those moment when you look back. The technology that pauses or captures our moment entered our lives, but I have a feeling that the people in the past were more happy, so live in the moment.















Hope you enjoyed and learned somethig about the city and Erhan himself. Take care beautiful people ❤︎ !



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