Berlin is for lovers

So in the month of July there was this art exhibition opening that was popping up everywhere on social media; Berlin is for Lovers a photo exhibition at the Impossible Project Laboratory, about the Berlin nightlife. The opening was happening on August 4th and I happend to be in Berlin so I thought it would be a good idea to have look. So did a few hundred (more than a few actually) other people. Berlin is one big queue. You wait forever everywhere, at clubs, at the burgerambt and guess what, even at exhibition openings. The picture is part of the queue for the opening of ‘Berlin is for Lovers’.



Now I went to see the exhibition the next day because I didn’t feel like waiting in line for the next hour and to be honest I kinda had mixed feelings about it. First, it was incredibly small, way smaller than I expected, and to think there were hundreds and hundreds of people waiting to get in this small exhibition space is too crazy. Second thing, I think that because I didn’t see the exhibition when it opened but saw all the fuss it had created I was expecting something bigger, maybe more shocking even. Some raw and harsh photographs of one night stand lovers and the unthinkable things that can happen in a Berlin club.

Polaroids by Oliver Mark

Half of the photographs I thought were amazing, because they were just very basic but came out like honest moments of a night out in Berlin. In the picture below you can see a young man sitting and looking directly to the camera, I love this picture because it just feels so familiar, its simple but great. But then other pictures looked kinda staged, and I really hope they are not but they just give this feeling that it’s not completely real.

Polaroids by Pepper Levain

Now overall I did really enjoy the exhibition, i don’t have a lot of pictures to share with you because I think you should definitely go check out the work of the different photographers that were part of the exhibition. The photos of Jessica Wolfelsperger have this poetic side, while Katja Sonnewends and Matt Lambert are cheeky and a bit naughty, but in such a good way!

Pepper Levain

Oliver Mark

Matt Lambert

Jessica Wolfelsperger

Katja Sonnewend



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