Introducing : Emanual Williams

Emanual Williams (@mrezzzz) was one of my first Instagram followers, I saw his art grow year after year and I thought -why not interview him?- so I did. His unique art style is one of the most interesting part in his art, I remember that he started with ink and when the days past he made a step further into color.

E.Williams, A Thing To Hear, 2016.
E. Williams, Julia, 2016.

I now introduce you to an ambitious young man born in Chicago, but he’s currently based in Gary Indiana (which he often still go to the city). He doesn’t only make art, but he is also a freelance photographer and writes screenplays.

2016-07-05 07.39.43 1.jpg

How did you get involved with the Arts?

I was introduced to art at a very young age. My mother was an artist and so was my uncle. Its sort of in my blood you can say. I was further introduced to art by a man name Daryl Champion. He really showed me the ropes and introduced me to the world of art and wonders. Unfortunately he passed away but I’ll never forget what he has taught me through the years.

Who are your inspirational artists? Do you have a specific artist that you’re looking up to, in traditional and digital concept?

There are four artists that inspire me and that i look up too. They are: Gustav Klimt, Andrew Hem, Ashley woods and Daniel Warren Johnson. When I was younger I tried to mimic their styles but eventually my own style emerged.

sb animals ink.jpg
E. Williams, Sb Animals Ink, 2016.
sb ink .jpg
E. Williams, Sb Ink, 2016.
Albert and friends.jpg
E. Williams, Albert and Friends, 2016.

What’s the process of making a new artwork? With what kind of materials or programs do you work?(Painting, digital painting, etc.) Which programs do your prefer to work with?

My process for creating a work varies. If I’m doing an inked illustration, I tend to pencil shapes on a page and make sense of it with ink. If I’m doing a painting whether it be traditionally or Digitally I always have a message in mind and illustrate accordingly. For my digital work I primarily use Manga Studio 5. The line work is phenomenal when paired with a pen tablet monitor; I use the Ugee 2150.

What is the story behind your artworks? Do you ever consider to write a graphic novel?

The message is different with every illustration but it falls in the moral, social and sometimes political category. I’ve actually created a few short comics but I never posted them. Maybe I’ll translate one of my screenplays to a graphic novel, who knows.

I noticed that your artworks are mostly futuristic beings, humans, etc. Do you see yourself in a more futuristic world or do you admire the concept of futurism? Or is it completely not futuristic? Tell us.

I admire the freedom that the futuristic realm provides however; I never really think of genre when i’m illustrating I just bend the forms subconsciously and leave it at that.

Do you draw the characters from a model or is it something that comes from your mind?

Ninety percent of the time it’s straight from my head. I only use reference if i’m drawing something really dynamic or If I can’t remember how something looks. I find that when I use reference it waters down my style so I try to avoid using it.

Do you have a favorite work of your own series? So yes, why?

I don’t have a favorite work but I do like my acrylic painting “Protect the Index”. The meaning behind this being: Protect yourself from judging people because the judger has faults of their own. The condom on the index figure representing restraining judgment.

Protect the Index by Emanual Williams, Q_8.jpg
E. Williams, Protect The Index, 2016.

What genre or style can you describe your work? Does it have a specific category name for it?

My work is not home to a specific genre and my style is hard to describe. I usually just leave people to interpret what they think my style is to them.

What would you do if you weren’t an artist? Do you have any sense of what your second choice would’ve been?

I find that a hard question to answer. Art has seeped into everything I do. My first love was Dance. I have been a dancer for 11 years but recently slowed down to focus on other studies. So I guess my second choice would have been to be a dancer/choreographer.

You have also a photography instagram account named; EEW FACTOR (@eeuw_factor). I’ll ask this just of curiosity. Why did you named it after ‘eew’, because isn’t the definition of ‘eew’ as something disgusting?

HAHA! Yes “eew” means something is disgusting but it also spells out the initials to my name Emanual Elliott Williams. I chose the name ‘EEW FACTOR’ because I am another factor in life’s grand equation.

On your photography page. What has the images in common, what is your signature on them?

Just like with my art my themes are related to moral and social issues. My photography is more so meant to be ‘self reflecting’ for viewers.


At last. How do you see yourself in the future? Do you have new idea’s for in the future?

In the near future I plan to be a director of independent short and feature films. Regardless of what medium of art I use the message will always be the most important thing and I will always continue my Pursuit of Art.

I hope you enjoyed the interview and stay tuned for more! Make sure to visit Emanual’s instagram, great artworks! ❤



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