Berlin, again, and again

Hi there, Céline writing here, this blog post will be a little bit different from usual. Meltem and I went to Berlin together. I already wrote some stuff about Berlin so as you might know I am not the biggest fan of the city. Although sometimes I find myself longing for the nights out, the drinking at the späti and the multitude of cheap eats. I felt so happy though to show around the city I learned to (love a little bit) know the past year to my best friend during the summer. Visit some galleries in the Auguststrasse, partying in Kater Blau and brunch at Barcomi’s Deli. But HEY we are best friends for a reason and share a lot of opinions, one of those being that the city isn’t always all that. So after this little introduction thingy Meltem will write about her opinions and all that of the city

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Meltem: My experience in Berlin was okay, I mean it is a great city for night outs and museums, but I was not a fan of the city itself. It was cold for me. The buildings, the streets were dull in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, everybody has there own opinion about it and mine isn’t that positive. We went to a few museums like the Alte National Galerie. It was the ME collectors room we went to for ‘Die Wunderkammer’ that impressed me the most. I loved everything about it, those object were made by incredible artists, every each of them was full with details, carved pipes au bois and the paintings were very dark which in this case was really fitting. The concept itself lures melancholia and death. When I entered die wunderkamer i felt like I was in the 17th century. Every object was made by hand and all the materials were pure nature elements (not chemical extractions).


Wünderkammer (skeleton: “Boo” hehe)




We went to an underground tour called ‘Berliner Unterwelten’. It’s at the Gesundbrunnen underground railway station and it is a remain of WWII bunker. It was a very pleasant tour and educative. I was amazed and gained a lot of respect to those that were stuck in the bunker for days. Life was hard for them, everything was hard in those days, I hope this generation would use there head and try to do their best for this planet. I can’t imagine all the panic the people had in those claustrophobic tunnels. I couldn’t do it, I would probably be like “ehh, you know what, fuck this…”. The guide was very funny which in this case he made our anxieties into laughs and that was needed in that bunker. I recommend to everybody to pay a visit.

Hi, Céline again, just wanted to add some stuff about our trip Meltem did not cover. We also saw an exhibition of Cindy Sherman, that I really liked. And we stayed at Wedding and I got to say, they aint lying, it is the new up and coming place of Berlin. The neighbourhood around pankstrasse is so good, you got Studio 8 a really nice bar and Anita Berber an even nicer club.

A belgian artist with tapes that i can’t remember because honestly i was just a little bit too hungover after our night out. @Studio 8
Cindy Sherman – ‘Cindy S. portrays herself in different people by changing her entire face and clothes.
Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman

Here some pictures from the visit at Alte National Galerie, enjoy!



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We’ll wrap it up with a last picture…

Meltem (pic. from the Alte National Galerie)




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