Independent Brussels

First year of Independent in Brussels and I was so excited about it. Brussels is clearly blooming in terms of contemporary art and I couldn’t be happier about it. Alongside Independent there are multiple other art fairs going on the same week. Of course there is Art Brussels, which Kimberly will write a blogpost about, that has been there for years but the Off Course Young Contemporary art fair is also totally worth mentioning. The art scene is more bustling than every with a lot of exhibition openings at galleries and the gallery nights. You can read all about our visit to Triumvirate on the blog.

So back to Independent, first off I enjoyed the location so much, right in the center of Brussels. The 60 participating galleries where spread over 5 or 6 floors of the building.

Now for my personal highlights; of course there was Office Baroque, as I am one proud intern. But not only that! The stand was curated by artist Jan De Cock and had this salon vibe that was so unique. There were works from multiple artists on view, among others Leigh Ledare, Tyson Reeder and Anker Weyers.




I really enjoyed the Cologne based Markus Lüttgen gallery. The way artist George Rippon plays with all these different materials and objects (camera lenses, flowers, paper,…) and makes these beautiful coherent works is so great.



Wolfgang Betke’s paintings at Berlin based Aurel Scheibler, they were mesmerizing. For a while now I have been having a weakness for paintings, I seriously could have stood there for an hour looking at his painting “kravatte”.


6 (kravatte)

At Wilfried Lentz I loved both artists Moyra Davey and Doug Ashford. Their artworks work so good together, it look almost as if they took one another into account when creating them.


And finally the monumental paintings of Nicolas Roggy at Martos Gallery




Last thing not very art related but drink related… The bar was so pretty!





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