Kunst in huis

A few weeks ago I started volunteering at Kunst in Huis (roughly translated as Art in House). It’s an organisation that can be described as an art library. The whole system is similar to a book library. You can lend an artwork and as soon as you feel the need for change, you can swap it for another. It’s ideal for people who like variation on their walls.

© Michelle Elsen

The most common way to get an artpiece is by going to a gallery, but you can easily pay a lot of money for one artpiece. You have to be sure of your decision, because there’s no going back. Kunst in Huis is a modern art dealer. Their goal is to bring people, who are interested in art, in contact with contemporary Flemish artists. The whole concept consists of a simple formula. When you sign in for the first time, they ask you to make a commitment for a year. They do this because it all involves around such valuable artworks. In this year of commitment (and maybe the years after) you get to borrow a work for a month, for just a few euros or you can keep it for one year. After an undetermined period of time you can hand in the work and take home another one. Something wonderful that can happen is that the artwork becomes one with the room, this is when you can potentially buy the work.

©Artur Eranosian

They are located in different cities across Belgium: in Leuven, Antwerp, Schaarbeek and Ghent 

© Kunst in Huis

The areas of Kunst in Huis also serve as exhibition space, they focus on one artist during one month. The month March was dedicated to the work of Joke van LooI wrote another blogpost about her work, you can click here if you want to read it. 

©  Dirk De Lobel

If you want to know more about Kunst in Huis and their artists, you should head on over to their website.




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