Insel Hombroich museum : nature and art

If you want to be alone with nature and adorn your eyes with art. You should go to the Insel Hombroich Museum and enjoy the refreshing air. Feast your eyes on all the different arts that you’ll find in the museum. Insel Hombroich museum is a new kind of open air museum and takes place in Holzheim over Neuss. The museum exists in different circumstances and places, it has many old and new artworks of different known names like Cézanne, Matisse, Klein, Rembrandt, Arp, etc. The funny thing is that these artworks in the museum don’t have names or the names aren’t written.

The interesting part of it is that the museum doesn’t only concentrate itself on artworks or sculptures, but it also gives attention on the architecture. Even though there’s old and new architecture. What’s new any way? Everything we do (and I already said this in many of my articles) is just a copy of a copy. Nature is the biggest example to filter new ideas, everything we do and we make is thanks to nature and knowledge. 

Therefore, the museum isn’t made in one day, Karl-Heinrich Müller (from Düsseldorf) was an art collector and purchased a big villa named “Pink House” (or “Rosa Haus”) in this place. When walking around the museum I saw the big “Pink House”, but couldn’t go in, it was a normal western pink home. Then the museum began to occur in 1982 when Karl-Heinrich Müller decide to support every artist by giving them a place in the museum. “Kunst parallel zur Natur” is the motto of this place and refers to a text when Paul Cézanne wanted to provide a link between nature and art. From now on the museum has an enormous success, I mean who wouldn’t visit this sublime state of an idea (or theory).

Why in open air? Why in the middle of nowhere? Or why did it take place in the nature? The goal of this museum is that the visitors enhance the art and nature in an intuitive manner. The concept or idea behind this is quite different than we used to see. This museum brings you the importance of nature before your eyes and that by looking to the artworks of many artists.

Photograph by Emma Albers

There are rooms where you can see a sculpture collaborate with an artwork. It’s almost you can’t see any different between the two artworks because of its concept. When someone makes art, you need material for it and that’s by buying brushes, pencils, gom, paint, wood, canvas, etc. whatever you want to work with. What gives you this? What’s the source of these objects? Well, I say it again nature, it’s the atmosphere we live in. We breathe it, we live in it and we kill it. All that for our needs, to please the eyes of another and to express ideas. I’m sure that this wasn’t the essence of the museum, the maker wanted us to live the beauty in the both sides. Nature and art. They have a big analogy with each other, because Art is made from nature itself. The texture in artworks can be seen in trees, plants, stones, etc. So do many artworks here in this museum and I’ll show you some analogies that you might see in it.

Similarity I : Three paintings and a sculpture. – I find the essence between these two works, mostly the positions and the form of the sculpture. The first two paintings are the night version of it and the little particles of textures from it. The third is a collapse of everything around that sculpture, the energy from the visitors.

Similarity II: A vase and a tree branch – The colors, the textures of it is just too much to compare. The shape nor the form is comparable, but the colors within is the same lightness and techniques. It’s a mix of a natural disaster vs. a natural form.

Therefore, more pictures of Insel Hombroich below.

Photograph by Emma Albers

Photograph by Emma Albers

Photograph by Emma Albers





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