Contemporary portraits : Antoine Cordet

In my previous blogpost I spoke about the work of Nicola Samori, the use of techniques nor the genre is quit not the same as Nicola Simori, but Antoine Cordet has his own expression or interpretation for faces. A talented French artist with a taste of light colors that balances with the dark patterns. I show this artist in confrontation with the dark pattern of Nicola Simori, Cordet uses the light colors but still, I see a balance between these two artists. It’s the composition that I see that lies close to the Nicola Simori, it doesn’t need to be the colors, but the expression of “sadness”, time, vast thick brushes and using cold colors to express the meaning of the portrait. It’s the “almost realistic” image that I see, the staring into the void or right to the observer or viewer. Simori uses old Baroque portraits, but Cordet uses the face of this generation or maybe he creates avatars of his own taste. That makes not the differencies between these two artists, it makes it almost a collaboration and that what makes it special for me. These two artists are from two another countries, but the mind set are the same values of the art world itself.  

This short film about Cordet is fascinating to watch, with the calm and leisurely music on the background that brings you to the artist’s world and philosophy. Also, It’s in French. Enjoy!

If you want to see more work, you should head on over to 
his website.



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