African visual artist, Jim Chuchu

Our teacher in the university gave us an interesting assignment, well the course itself is interesting, so I went searching for an artist that isn’t that known and I found Jim Chuchu. He’s a Kenyan freelance artist and photographs. He produces great short films. He does write his own music or lyrics and he’s also a visual artist. He always updates his website, which is great for people whom search more information about the artist. Not every artist does that, so you have difficulties about having a profound information about the artist itself. So the best way is to contact those artists. To get closer to the public’s view nowadays is making an instagram, twitter, facebook, etc. accounts to make yourself more “famous”, I do not know if this artist is up for being famous or just keeping it underground. 

 Series 2013

 Series 2013

He made these kind of series in 2014, which in my opinion has another beauty or message than the series in 2013. In these ones I feel like these persons on the images are struggling of leaving their inner truth behind or are getting hunted by false thoughts. It’s like they’re so much in pressure (or pain) that their bodies are closing in to one fractal. 

Series 2014

Series 2014

Series 2014

Some of you now have a question mark about his talent in singer – song writer abilities. Well in fact this artist made his second step, before he studied telecommunications, in a band in 2008 called Just a band. Which in my opinion is a great name, but the interesting part is that he co-produced first three studio albums, Scratch To Reveal82 and Sorry For The Delay. He didn’t just co-produced the bands albums, but he also created the art cover for the band and directed the band’s videos. For more informations about his life and work you can check his website.

Now if we come to his artworks or short films, which short films are a definition of Art too, his works were displayed in many exhibitions. Such as Contemporary African Art Fair (New York)Addis Foto Fest (Ethiopia)Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Germany), Mediations Biennale Poznan (Poland),etc. The next photographs you’re going to see are one of his project The Pegans. These photographs that he made are astonishingly mesmerizing, the African culture or the African beauty is exploding in these pictures. Mostly the pictures are black and white, but the gloom between those flesh and bones are a reflection of a spiritual belief in Africa and Chuchu made that purely clear. He’s talent has to be seen in the world, because he can turn his artworks in words like magic. I would like to see them in one of our Museums/Exhibitions in Belgium!

The Guardian defines that “This series by Kenya’s rising talent reconstructs anonymous African deities as a way to explore pre-colonial religious practices in Africa”.

Don’t forget to check him out! He has many short films with deep meanings. Here is his vimeo.

You’re free to discuss or share your thoughts about his artworks.




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