Contemporary portraits : Nicola Samori

Nicola Samori
, an Italian painter with a great eye for composition, expression and dynamics. He has some stunning portraits of new or old faces, which I’m not sure. The Italian painter uses references of Italian Baroque. Historical figures are precisely applied in chiaroscuro onto obscure backgrounds on wood, canvas and copper. Sometimes the painter peels whole layers of paint off again and gestures, so that the layers below are visible.

I admire the texture that he uses, a slight dry and yet full of earth color compositions with vast thick brushes. I admire the dark side of it, the symbolism that he uses to comfort death or the simplicity. You can clearly see how he puts his “life” and creativity in it with variations of techniques. He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. Samori lives and works in Bagnacavallo. In this video, you’ll see how he works and where he works. Unfortunately it’s in Italian, I guess the only thing you could do is just watching and trying to understand. 

More on his website 





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